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Our hands-on eLearning courses make your employees fit for the growing challenges of data privacy – whether in the development of data-driven products, in marketing or sales.

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This is Winston! Winston will accompany your employees during our training. They will learn what personal data is and how to apply the concept of “Privacy By Design”. Winston will help your employees to solve privacy problems in their daily work.

Why choose tellWinston?

How do you ensure your customers‘ data is protected?

Whether in the development of new data-driven products and processes, sales or customer service, a thorough understanding of data protection is essential for the sustainable growth of your business.

What are common mistakes?

Human error and incorrect risk assessments are one of the most common causes of violations of privacy laws. As a consequence, your company may not only incur fines and financial damages. Even worse, it may lose customer trust and damage its brand.

Training is the best way to avoid such risks!

Motivate your employees with a training program that is especially adapted to the requirements of digital enterprises. tellWinston teaches your employees with an exciting mixture of videos, trainings and quizzes, how to solve data protection issues in daily work.

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Simply request a tellWinston demo! Convince yourself if our data protection eLearning modules are suitable for your employee training. Of course, free of charge and without any obligations. The course is available in German and English language. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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